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 About Me

Daniel Honan is a wine, food and drinks writer, photographer, and presenter based in Newcastle, in the Hunter Valley. Daniel is a dining and drinks reviewer  for The Newcastle Herald's Weekender magazine, and a regular contributor to the pages of  Halliday, Wine NZ, Selector, and Hunter Valley Magazine. His words have been published in Decanter (UK), Alquimie, Halliday, and Gourmet Traveller Wine. He has sold photos to outlets including New Zealand Wine, Fairfax, Channel Nine (9), Selector, Hunter Valley Magazine, and more...


Daniel holds a Bachelor of Media and Communications degree from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Arts (History) Honours degree from the University of Newcastle. A former news journalist at BBC News (London, UK), Daniel swapped the news desk for a London wine bar. Since returning to Australia, Daniel has combined his words with wine and food, while championing the new Australian and New Zealand sustainable wine vanguard as The Wine Idealist. Daniel has a deep reverence for vineyards and the farmers, vignerons, and winegrowers who manage them. To complete his Honours degree, Daniel wrote an environmental history thesis on winegrowing in the Hunter Valley as it relates to the concepts of terroir and place. You can download and read it here.


If you have any news, a story,  a lead, an event, an idea or project in mind that you think I should be a part of, please contact me by using the form below...

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